Genealogy Thomas A. Fletcher, Revolutionary War veteran From

Kyles Ford Tennessee to Detroit Michigan.

dick and matt 2.JPG Photo at left is Richard Jackson Fletcher and I meeting for the first time. Dick and I, along with several other men, are long lost cousins, we found each other through the genealogy DNA test that we both took. Richard Fletcher and I as well as Rex Fletcher are a perfect 67 out of 67 marker DNA match and we both go back to the Moses Fletcher/Sarah Martin line of Fauquier County VA in the early 1700s.

Anyway, the name Fletcher means "arrow maker" and the feather on the shaft of of an arrow is called the fletching. Fletchers come from England, Scottland and Ireland and I have close DNA matches in all three places.

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wilson fletcher.jpg One of the primary reasons I put this web page up was so other researchers would find it and contact me with more info to fill in the blanks of my family line. Well, it worked! This is Wilson Fletcher at left. When I began researching I didn't even know the name of my own great grandfather. I found out from relatives that his name was Wilson Fletcher. I eventually used census records to trace Wison Fletcher to a place called Kyles Ford Tennessee where there was a large concentration of my Fletcher ancestors. One Decoration Day (Memorial Day) my aunt Pearl Fletcher told me that Wilson was buried in an unmarked grave under a large tree at the top of our family cemetery in Manchester Kentucky. This was news to me as I did not know that Wilson had migrated to Manchester Kentucky. I thought his son William was the one that left Kyles Ford for Manchester. Since I was not interested in genealogy at the time I forgot about it. Years later, that large tree died and was cut down, and as the stump began to rot a rock headstone began to emerge. I also found the death certificate of Wilson Fletcher showing that he had in fact died in Manchester Kentucky. I never even knew he had set foot in Manchester Kentucky. I thought his son William was the first of my family to come to Kentucky.

Pearl Fletcher was right, there was a grave under the tree and my later genealogy research did in fact show that Wilson Fletcher had died in Manchester Kentucky. Years later, a distant relative named Janet Fletcher-Mattingly found my genealogy web page and gave me additional information on Wilson Fletcher including this photo. So now I knew his name, where he was buried and now I even have a picture of Wilson Fletcher.

******* moses fletcher fauquier county VA Wilson Fletcher SET AT 280 X 280 *********

wilson fletcher
A few weeks after Janet Fletcher-Mattingly sent me the above photo of Wilson Fletcher, she sent me the group photo at left which Janet's granny had left her when she died and Janet realized that the man in the group photo was also my great grandfather, Wilson Fletcher. Yep, I agree, that is Wilson Fletcher, or perhaps a twin brother. I say MAYBE a twin brother only half joking because I noticed they part their hair on different sides. A man generally doesn't change which side he parts his hair on. That is also a different suit or at least a different vest. My relatives were dirt poor farmers and I can't imagine them owning any suits, let alone two. Possible reasons are, photographers had clothes for people to wear for photos and the photographer may have also parted his hair on the other side. Anyway, who are the other guys?

After looking at another photo I had of my grandfather at age 60-something, I decided that the boy on the left is likely my grandfather, W.m. Fletcher as a young boy. So, this appears to be a group family photo of just the men. I am guessing the other boy is likely John Fletcher, I think, brother to W.M. and the older man may be Henry Fletcher....my great great grandfather who came to Kyles Ford TN with his father John or Thomas A. Fletcher. WOW! What a fantastic find. this photo was a "tin type" metal photograph typical around the time of the Civil War. I can't thank Janet enough for sending it to me.

These guys are a rough lookin' bunch. Not a smile on a single one of them. Kyles Ford TN was still the frontier at that time and a hard life made for hard people and it is actually common to see old photos where no one smiles and they are all skinny as a bean pole. Today, people from the area still have a reputation for being tough and mean. I have heard many a story about how "mean" some hillbilly was from one of my relatives. There is a book on this subject called "Born Fighting, How the Scots-Irish Shaped America" and one of the chapters is called, "Fight. Sing. Drink. Pray." My dad used to say, "I'm from the meanest county in the meanest town, in the meanest holler in Kentucky. And the farther you went up in our holler, the meaner the hillbillies got....and we lived in the LAST HOUSE!" Hillbillies take pride in "being mean" which I think translates to being tough and independent....they just call it "mean" in their manner of speaking. kyles ford tenn. kyles ford tn. rogersville TN mark fletcher detroit michigan. mark fletcher 4151 buckingham, mark fletcher 5734 hereford. mark fletcher home inspector.

kyles ford fletchers


fletcher kentucky genealogy

My Fletcher Lineage From 1700 Virginia To Hancock & Hawkins Co.Tennessee

From Clay Co. Kentucky To Detroit

Kyles Ford Tennessee is located in Northern Tennessee on the boarder of Hancock, Hawkins, and Scott and Lee Counties Virginia on the north. Kyles Ford is in Hancock County now but used to be part of Hawkins County and that is where I found my supporting primary source documents. Where my family is from in this area, it is so close to the TN VA state line I long suspected that the state line my have gone through their property. This theory was confirmed by Jennifer Kinsler who lives in the area and also does genealogy research on the Fletchers. If your family is from this area, or you have something to add to this page I would love to hear from you. Matt@BelleIsleEngineering.com or DetroitHomeInpsector@yahoo.com or 313-510-0284.

crit white clay county

None of what I have on this site is carved in stone and I am open to different interpretations of the genealogy data and clues I have gathered. A good researcher is always willing to admit they are not 100% correct. However, if you disagree with me on some point, I hope you have some evidence to share. I know of one genealogy researcher who does not agree that Thomas A. Fletcher, Rev. War vet is not of my line, claiming instead that Thomas A. Was of HIS line. I pointed to my mountain of evidence showing Thomas A. Fletcher lived in Kyles Ford where I can trace my family to, the wills, a Fletcher grave yard, the land grants, the census data, how Thomas A. lived in VA and then moved a short distance to TN to live with his daughter and son-in-law Anthony Smith who owned land in Kyles Ford TN. and asked my fellow researcher what evicence he had....he didn't have any. There were actually TWO Thomas Fletchers who served in the Revolutionary War. Perhaps my fellow researcher is related to the other Thomas Fletcher who married Kaziah Farris.

With that said, I think my Fletcher line goes like this:

Generation No. 1 The Early 1700s

Via DNA testing and historical documents provided by my cousin Dick Fletcher, I know my line descends from the Moses Fletcher line of early 1700 Virginia. The Fletchers then migrated inland likey through the Cumberland Gap along the North Carolina Virginia boarder. into Tennessee, probably because the government was giving land to settlers. Thomas A. Fletcher, born about 1749, Died February 18, 1843. His wife is unknown but they were probably married in VA. Children of Thomas A. mentioned IN his will

John P., William, Thomas B., James, Elizabeth, Jane, Frances, Margaret, Mary.

More about Thomas A. Fletcher

Note: I have documented as much as possible. Please click on the links to see the documents. Other Fletcher lines have attempted to find a link to Thomas A. Fletcher but were unable to. I have the only known links to Thomas A.

I believe that Aaron Fletcher of the Kyles Ford TN area MAY have also been a son of Thomas A. but died before the writing of the will and therefore, is not mentioned in the will. I believe this because Aaron was found living close to the other sons of Thomas in the census data. However, there was at least one other line of Fletchers that passed through this area. There was a large group of my Fletcher line in Kyles Ford for at least 4 generations and some descendents are still there. The will of Thomas A. connects him to John.

Thomas A. Fletcher was a Revolutionary war veteran. He had brothers named William and Benjamin according to his deposition given for the purpose of obtaining a Revolutionary War Pension. With the help of Betty Fletcher Starnes, we also discovered this monument in Scott County Virginia Which mentions Thomas Fletcher and Daniel Boone in the next column. According to many documents, Thomas A. Fletcher was living in Scott county Virginia and Hancock county Tennessee while drawing his pension. This is the area where my known great great grandfather, Henry Fletcher was from. This area is known as Kyles Ford Tennessee and is on the virginia boarder. Thomas A. Fletcher lived in both Virginia and Tennessee. He went from Virginia to Tennesse to live with his daughter and his pension records show that. As I stated, the state line between VA and TN goes direclty through Kyles Ford TN so Thomas A. Fletcher did not have to move far to be with his daughter.

Thomas A. Fletcher, AKA Thomas Fletcher was granted a Revolutionary War pension. See the document here. It is this will of Thomas Fletcher that links him to John Fletcher of the Kyles Ford region. Thomas A. mentions John P. as his son and I can document from Thomas A to me through historical document, location and time....it all lines up.

There were two Thomas Fletchers, from Virginia, who fought in the Revolutionary war. Researcher Nadine Christall and I have compared notes and we are convinced that one Thomas belongs to Nadine's line and the other to my line. The Thomas Fletcher from nadine's line was married to Kaziah Ferris as documented in court records. That Thomas Fletcher was not know to have been in the Kyles Ford or south-western Virginia area.

Senator John McCain Connection? An interesting question, is Senator John McCain kin to the Fletcher's of Kyles Ford?

Newspapers reported in October of 2008 that Senator John McCain is descended from Azariah D. Fletcher via his grandmother Myrtle. A check of the 1840 census reveals ONLY ONE Azariah D. Fletcher in the entire United States and he lives in Kyles Ford Tennessee! Notice in the census that Azariah is 13th from the top. Azariah D. Fletcher lives very close to Anthony Smith (3rd name from top) who is the son-in-law to Thomas A. Fletcher. In his will dated November 30, 1841 Thomas A. Fletcher is living with his daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law, Anthony Smith. At the very least Azariah had to know Thomas and his daughter. Azariah was a less common name even back then. I think it is very possible that Azariah D. Fletcher is descended from Thomas A. Fletcher through one of his 4 known sons: William, James, John or Thomas B.Fletcher. (Aaron Fletcher MAY have also been a son to Thomas A. but died before the writing of Thomas A's will and therefore not mentioned.) Thomas A. lived to be 94 and it is very possible that he out-lived some of his children.

bill nunu fletcher

The 1900 Johnson Co. Texas census shows the widow of 1850 Azariah D. Fletcher and his two daughters, Alice and Myrtle. The birth place of their father is reported as TENNESSEE. I also have DNA matches from other Fletcher men who can trace their line back to the remote area of Kyles Ford TN.

While I have been told that from DNA testing, more than one Fletcher line passed through Hancock, Hawkins, Scott and Lee counties, my line of the Fletchers was in the Kyles Ford area from Thomas A. to John, to Henry, to Wilson to William. That is five generations and my line was one of the bigger lines and remained there the longest before many moved west and north into Clay Co. Kentucky adjacent to Laurel co. Since Azariah D. Fletcher was in Kyles Ford living down the road from Thomas A. and his daughter, I believe that Azariah D. was related to Thomas A.Fletcher. To my knowledge, my line of the Fletchers were the ONLY Fletchers in Kyles Ford and they owned a great deal of land there. Some of my Fletcher line left Kyles Ford and went to Clay Co. Kentucky which is ajacent to Laurel co., And that is where Azariah married Martha Kidwell in her home. Furthermore, to my knowledge no other lines of Fletchers have claimed Azariah D. as their own. So, Azariah seems to fit our tree.

I think the McCain to Fletcher line MAY go like this:

Thomas A. Fletcher born about 1749. Lived in Kyles Ford TN area and Scott co. VA
William Fletcher born about 1777. Or, one of the other4 known sons to Thomas A.(James, John, Thomas B.).
Azariah D. Fletcher born about 1818. Like my other relatives, left Kyles Ford TN about the same time and some went to Clay co. KY. Appears in Indiana in the 1880 census.
Azariah D. Fletcher born about 1850. Reportedly married Martha Melinda Kidwell brn. 1853 of Laurel Co. KY ajacent to Clay co.
Myrtle Fletcher born about 1885 (grandmother of John McCain).

If you have any information please contact me at Matt@BelleIsleEngineering.com

Generation No. 2 Late 1700s

i. JOHN P.2 FLETCHER, b. Abt. 1795; d. 03 Oct 1844, Hawkins County,Tennessee. Left this will which is witnessed by my great great grandfather Henry Fletcher.
iii. JANE FLETCHER, b. Abt. 1780; m. DELANY AMISTED HERRON; b. Abt. 1781; d. Aft. 1860.
viii. WILLIAM FLETCHER, b. 1777.
ix. THOMAS B. FLETCHER, b. 1786.

Generation No. 3 Early 1800s

2. JOHN P.2 FLETCHER (THOMAS A.1) was born Abt. 1795, and died 03 Oct 1844 in Hawkins County,Tennessee. He married He married CATHERINE CURRY Abt. 1815. She was born Abt. 1798 in Virginia.

Marriage: Abt. 1815
i. HENRY FLETCHER, b. Abt. 1812, Tazewell,Virginia.
ii. MARY POLLY FLETCHER, b. 1814; m. JAMES DAVID SMITH; b. 1811.
iii. WILLIAM FLETCHER, b. Abt. 1815.
iv. SUSAN FLETCHER, b. 25 Jun 1816; d. Bef. 1900; m. WILLIAM MABE; b. 27 Jul 1813; d. 04 Apr 1896.
v. JOHN W. FLETCHER, b. 1819, North Carolina.
vi. ROBERT FLETCHER, b. 1820.
ix. CLARA FLETCHER, b. 1825; m. STERLING MITCHELL; b. 1822.
xi. JAMES FLETCHER, b. 1831.
xii. MAHALA FLETCHER, b. 1833, Hancock County,Tennessee; d. 10 Mar 1906, Knoxville,Tennessee (Knox

Notes about John and Catharine. One transcription of John Fletcher's will, his wife is called Christine. That is incorrect. We went to Kyles Ford and copied the hand written will on file in the courthouse. The will clearly says Catharine and not Christene. It is this will of John that links him to Henry Fletcher of the Kyles Ford region.

Henry is a witness on the will of John and I believe that Henry is the son of John. Russell Belcher is also a witness on the will. A descendent of Russell (wife to Dayton Moles) currently owns the land where I found the Fletcher Graveyard. John and Henry owned this land and other plots of land in the Kyles Ford area. The Clinch River is mentioned as a landmark in the land deed. John and Henry Fletcher were given land grants from the state of Tennessee. I also found land documents showing that Anthony Smith owned land in the Kyles Ford area. In his will, Thomas A. Fletcher requested he be buried on the farm of Anthony Smith who was married to the daughter of Thomas A.Fletcher.

I found a land deal involving John and Henry AFTER the death of John which bothered me but then I realized that Henry also had a Brother named John. The John Fletcher mentioned in the land deeds with Henry MAY be his brother John.

Also, there may or MAY NOT have been two John Fletchers in the area both born around 1795. Two different John Fletchers show up in the census living a short distance apart. However, the men were the same age, had the same number of kids in at least one census. I think they were both the same family and owned two different farms and were counted twice in the census.

Generation No. 4 Mid 1800s

iii. WILSON FLETCHER, b. 1841.
iv. MARY ANN (Polly Ann) FLETCHER, b. 1844.
v. BENJAMIN FLETCHER, b. 1847. Note that Thomas A. Fletcher had two brothers; one named Ben and one named William. Henry had two sons named Ben and William. Married Harriet Pridemore who is buried in Kyles Ford
vi. JOHN FLETCHER, b. 1850. Is this John Jesse Fletcher buried in Kyles Ford? Dates are off.
vii. AMANDA FLETCHER, b. 1854.

Notes about Henry: In a genealogy document given to me by researcher Ann Filcowitz it names Thomas as the father of Henry. I think that is incorrect. I did not find any documents linking the two. I found the graves of JJohn Jesse Fletcher and Harriet Fletcher in Kyles Ford up on a hill behind the home of Dayton Moles on Fox Branch Road. A few documents refer to this area as Fox Branch. Harriet Pridemore Fletcher was married to Ben Fletcher. See the grave video below.

Wilson Fletcher, wife and son W.M. left the Kyles Ford area for Manchester Kentucky located in Clay county. His death record shows that he died in Clay county. Robert House advised me that his ancestor Pete House was the undertaker for Wilson. In Manchester Kentucky, my Fletcher line is connected to the House line several different ways. My aunts and uncles remember a descendent of Pete House....also named Pete House.

Azariah D. Fletcher born 1850, and reported to be the great grandfather to senator John McCain married Martha Kidwell in adjacent Laurel Co. Kentucky. I believe that the 1812 Azariah D. Fletcher may have left Kyles Ford Tennessee and went to Clay Co. Kentucky with Wilson and possibly others. Of course, I would love to claim kinship to senator John McCain but, I am looking for more definitive evidence linking 1812 Azariah to 1850 Azariah and links from 1812 Azariah to Thomas A. Fletcher. I have written to the Hawkins County Historical Society and asked if they could check local records which are not avaialble online.

Kyles Ford Video

*********************************** John Jesse Fletcher SET AT 280 X 280 *****************************

john jesse fletcher.jpg Update: New information on video above. John Jesse Fletcher, shown at left, is the man in the grave featured in the video above. John is one of my great, great uncles. Two different people have advised me that John was shot in the leg in a dispute over a woman and died as a result. In one account, John was apparently chopping some fire wood for a single, attractive woman and another man took offense to this and shot john in the leg with a shot-gun. In the photo at left, John is holding a pocket knife which is half open. I have no information on the picture or why he is posing as he is. I reckon it was a new knife and Jesse was a wantin' ta show it off! LOL

Finding that graveyard was a small miracle in itself. I was told that my line came from Kyles Ford TN by Francis Howard Hickey who is a distant cousin. Then I found a small mention of a Fletcher graveyard in Kyles Ford TN, I put the longitude and latitude of the graveyard in my GPS, drove there, I saw two guys standing on the side of the road and I asked about the Fletcher graveyard, they pointed across the road and up a steep hill...."thar hit is" they said. No trail, mostly unmarked graves, but I found it within minutes of getting to Kyles Ford! The names on the headstones match people on the census known to be my kin. This was the right place, these are my people. bill and mable jones fletcher manchester kentucky.

Generation No. 5 Late 1800s

CHILDREN OF wILSON FLETCHER and MARY "POLLY" JOHNSON? see the census documents here

i. JOHN FLETCHER, b. Jun 1866, Clay County,Kentucky.
ii. MARTHA FLETCHER, b. Jul 1870, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1914, Manchester,Kentucky (Clay County).
iii. WILLIAM "W.M." FLETCHER, b. 02 Aug 1881; d. 10 Jul 1947, Manchester,Kentucky (Clay County).

Notes: Polly may have been married before she married Wilson. I know more than one Fletcher migrated from Kyles Ford TN to Clay County KY. I am not sure what the connection was.

Generation No. 6 Early 1900s

Children of W.M. Fletcher b: 1881 d: 1947 Clay co KY and Myrtle White b: 1896 d; 1954 (Father John Crit White, mother unknown Delph

i. Pearl
ii. Beve
iii. Mary Anna (died at age 5)
iv Catherine (died about age 17)
v. Mable
vi. Charles
vii. Marie
viii. Amanda
ix. Matt
x. William jr
xi. Josephine
xii. John Crit

Generation No. 7


Sandra Dee
Mathew Mark
Michael David

The Timeline Works

If Thomas A. was born about ..........................................1749 according to census and war records.
John Fletcher would have been born about ...............................1780 according to census records.
Henry was born about .....................................................1811 according to census records.
Wilson born about ..........................................................1846 accroding to census records.
W.M.Fletcher born ..........................................................1881 according to his headstone.
Matt Fletcher (my father) was born in............................. 1927 according to his birth certificate.

The timeline works, I have the right names, right time, right place and a good but not conclusive paper-trail. I think one of the most convincing pieces of evidence that Thomas A. is in my direct line is the fact that no other lines have claimed him. I even found one genealogy website which said, "to which line does Thomas A. Fletcher belong?" I know that several researchers have unsucessfully searched for connections to him. That fact that no other researchers found a link to Thomas A., is yet another indicator that he is of my line.

Manchester Kentucky Video

Amanda Fletcher Keith and John Crit Fletcher are my last two living uncle and aunt. They were 2 of 12 children born to W.M. and Myrtle Fletcher of Manchester Kentucky located in Clay county. Amanda has since passed away. She had a good long life and was one of the best people I ever knew. Sadly, as the older kin folks die off I lose more and more of my connection to my Appalachian roots. I wish I had started my research decades earlier and gathered more information about our past.

See all of my fletcher genealogy research documents
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